As technology has become more affordable, the integration of video screens and LED lights into product displays has ushered in a new level of marketing. Specifically, educational displays, retail displays, even video brochures and video business cards, are now all utilizing video and led technology, when in the past, it was cost prohibitive. With micro-technology reducing costs and making video applications easier to deploy, custom displays become their own self-contained presentation, engaging potential customers in a way not previously possible.

The addition of energy efficient LED lights to retail displays adds bright accents offering eye-grabbing results without the higher cost-of-use that standard lighting options require.  The low power requirements of LED are also a big plus that allows the implementation of small batteries capable of powering the units for a substantial amount of time before having to charge.

At PPD&G we create custom displays that meld technology and traditional materials to create impactful presentations that will command attention while adding a new twist to your branding strategy.  Our Video Business Cards are a great example of educational video displays that will leave a lasting impression with your clients or prospects.