PPD&G is a full service branding company that engineers, prototypes and manufactures Printing, Packaging, Displays and Gifts with Purchase. Evolving during the course of 18 years of immersion in the manufacturing process, our products are the result of an in depth understanding of the process that results in fine quality visual merchandising products. Most projects are engineered, prototyped and then manufactured in one of our 3 manufacturing facilities.

When the scope of a project requires larger manufacturing facilities, we engineer, prototype and work hand in hand with our partner manufacturing facilities in Asia, governing design, manufacturing procedures, quality control and testing. The results achieved are faster turnarounds, even when producing overseas, strict quality standards, and state of the art manufacturing procedures which have been a major factor in the retail branding efforts of global cosmetic and fragrance companies, spirits companies and household brands for 18 years.

From concept to creation, our clients always know that they are in good hands and anticipate with excitement, the results of their project at hand. PPD&G has developed as the crème de la crème of a company that has been making it’s mark and fine tuning it’s craft in the world of branding from day one. With knowledge we produce, with passion we excel and with Quality and Price we continue to grow in an ever changing marketplace.


PPD&G Client List


“Matthew has been great to work with and the team goes out of their way to make my life easier. I so appreciate their hard work, attention and quality products.”

– S. Y., Chantecaille

Just wanted you to know that I just got off of a conference call with the Owners of Sofitel, the GM, my VP and the French SoSPA team – rave reviews on the quality of the brochure and the design!!
Everyone is super happy. Bravo to you ! Thank you for making me look good. Thanks again!

– Matthew, LC

“We are extremely satisfied with PPD&G’s work. Jonathan personally commits to high quality premium results meeting tight deadlines.
M. C., Prada & Valentino, Puig USA”

– M. C., Prada & Valentino, Puig USA

“Michael is a true professional, client-focused, and dedicated to providing successful marketing solutions to any product or service. His level of professionalism is outstanding!

When it comes to getting it done, you do not have to think twice when it’s in his hands!”

– N. A., Jet Media