Custom Manufacturing
Printing, Packaging, Displays, & Gifts

Inspired Manufacturing

For 21 years we’ve been immersed in the manufacturing process, fine tuning our craft to produce the highest quality packaging, displays and visual merchandising for the world’s most renowned global brands. Most projects are engineered, prototyped, and manufactured in 1 of our 3 facilities, where we utilize our experienced designers, cutting edge machinery and a thorough project management system to ensure flawless execution.


Do It With paper

With over 96 years of collective manufacturing experience we combine paper, typography, and finish to create an endless variety of captivating custom printed materials. We work meticulously with our clients to create pieces with presence. 

Responsible Manufacturing


We continue to advance as an eco-conscious company by taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint. We utilize carbon-neutral and eco-friendly materials sourced from environmentally responsible vendors, while simultaneously cultivating ecologically friendly innovations in engineering. These measures have allowed us to establish sustainable production methods with minimal impact on the environment.


Design Is Thinking Made Visual

At PPD&G, we ensure our clients visions become reality. Utilizing our expertise and knowledge of the industry, we implement state of the art processes to construct custom packaging integrated with fine textures, stunning graphics, and premium materials.

Make It
Better Brighter Bolder Engaging Inspiring Unique Refined Notable


Exceptional Craftsmanship

Our comprehensive printing, manufacturing, and mass production capabilities has allowed PPD&G to become the premier global source of custom fabricated displays. By implementing world-class design services, elite engineering, and methodical project management, we ensure end results that exceed client expectations.

Working With The Largest Global Brands
To Create The Most Impactful Show Stoppers

“Michael is a true professional, client-focused, and dedicated to providing successful marketing solutions to any product or service. His level of professionalism is outstanding! When it comes to getting it done, you do not have to think twice when it’s in his hands!”

– N. A., Jet Media

“We are extremely satisfied with PPD&G’s work. Jonathan personally commits to high quality premium results meeting tight deadlines."

– M. C., Prada & Valentino, Puig USA

"Just wanted you to know that I just got off of a conference call with the Owners of Sofitel, the GM, my VP and the French SoSPA team – rave reviews on the quality of the brochure and the design!! Everyone is super happy. Bravo to you ! Thank you for making me look good. Thanks again!"

– Matthew, LC

“Matthew has been great to work with and the team goes out of their way to make my life easier. I so appreciate their hard work, attention and quality products.”

– S. Y., Chantecaille

Gifts With Purchase

Make It Memorable

Incorporating the techniques we’ve perfected within our core lines, PPD&G has become one of the leading manufacturers of luxury gifts with purchase. GWP’s are an effective way to spread brand awareness and promote consumer engagement.

Brands We Work With