Depending on how you market your product, having sales reps and other customer-facing employees attired in uniforms or branded apparel may be desirable. Employee uniforms offer a unique opportunity that creates an overall environment where branding is unified across all available merchandising platforms. Apparel options can include any piece of clothing that is deemed an accessible and valid branding opportunity. Alternatively, you may want your customer-facing employees to dress more professionally while adding an accessory that is branded such as a scarf or tie.

PPD&G can manufacture any garment type to produce branded apparel for your clients to wear while at work. Additionally, some Gift with Purchase of GWP programs may include branded apparel such as t-shirts or hats. We can manufacture custom garments & accessories, branding each with your logo and any message you would like to include. Offering wearable items as part of a Gift with Purchase program offers the opportunity to extend your branding beyond retail opportunities and into the daily lives of your customers.