When a company launches a new product, the branding of the product is the underlying element of all marketing, promotional and merchandising efforts. While the product is the centerpiece, how it is branded is of equal importance (see: Steve Jobs & iPhone packaging). This includes not only the packaging and advertising, but also how the product is presented in the venues through which it will be sold. For the manufacturer, their vision of how to best market the product offers the optimal path to success through proper branding. In the case of an ultra-prestige brand, all elements of branding and marketing are planned to perfection and each new piece that is added must meet the high standards necessary.

Since our inception 18 years ago, bringing to life our client’s marketing vision has been the main focus of our business. We have been challenged in various ways, but it is these challenges that we embrace. Each new project allows our staff to bring together all of our skills in perfecting our craft. Such was the case with a recent project brought to us by Coty for their new Miu Miu fragrance line.

Miu Miu Black Acrylic Top View

Coty wanted to present their product in a subtle, elevated fashion that would be pleasing to the eye, drawing potential customers to their product in-store. Since the display piece was going to live on retail counter tops, we worked with Coty to design a sleek, multi-tiered glorifier for this important product launch. For our PPD&G family, this project is a great source of pride.

Each display unit began as several sheets of acrylic, which were fabricated in our on-premise work-shop and assembled into the base design. Once assembled, the edges were mitered and a thin layer of white acrylic was applied to the front and rear surfaces. After this, a layer of chromed metal with a mirror finish veneer was applied to the product display area, adding an extra visual dimension to further draw consumers’ eyes to the products. To protect the counters that the display unit would be placed on, the bottom was covered with a layer velvet cloth. Finally, the product name was added to the front of the podium, the letters made from custom cut acrylic and metalized with a gold mirror finish.

Miu Miu White Front Black Top Three Quarter Top

What made this especially gratifying for PPD&G was our ability to deliver this project on a much shorter deadline than would normally be in place for a project of this complexity. Working in conjunction with our overseas counterparts, we were able to cut the manufacturing time in half. This ensured that the custom retail display units were delivered to select Nieman Marcus locations nationwide. In doing so, Coty was able to launch their latest fragrance in spectacular fashion.

The finished product is an elegant branding piece that, due to its sleek design and classic color pattern, can be used in a variety of merchandising opportunities. The mirror finish ensures that overhead lighting will make the products shine brightly; creating an eye-catching and engaging presentation that demands attention.

We’re thrilled with this finished product, and even more ecstatic that Coty is happy as well. Do you have a custom-project and don’t know where to start? We can help – give us a shout!

PPD&G News | October 27, 2015