Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

A Whimsical Playful Package

Marc Jacobs has done it again and will be launching its third Daisy fragrance to the garden since its birth in 2007. The Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrance line has been so successful it has taken on a life of its own. The fragrance will be launched in July 2014 and has a whimsical playful package that’s similar to its predecessors.

The original Daisy was launched in 2007 and has exploded into multiple different lines, the newest being the Daisy Dream Collection.


The design exudes youthful sophistication and vintage charm with a touch of irreverence. The bottle is topped with a playful scattering of daisies that appear to bloom from the rounded gold cap, with retro-cool vinyl petals that bend to the touch.

Daisy Dream

Daisy Dream is elegantly crafted and dressed with an embellished daisy detail that creates an airy, lace-like effect. A delicate daisy chain laces the carton, complementing the ethereal blue color palette.

Daisy Eau So Fresh

The Daisy Eau So Fresh bottle is a taller, slimmer reinterpretation of the original. The exaggerated gold cap is topped with six pink daisies that are soft to the touch, with a pop of neon yellow hidden amongst the daisies.

We at PPD&G have had the luxury of working with all of Marc Jacob fragrance lines and are proud to say we are involved in their new collection as well. The line launches this month and we have created a many of the gift boxes for the brand.

PPD&G News | October 27, 2015