The package design of any given product is arguably one of the most important factors in a purchasing decision.

Women, especially, are visual and compulsive consumers. When you think of Chanel No. 5, what made it one of the most iconic fragrances since its release? It was the look, it was the smell, it was what every woman wanted. The overall package of this perfume set the standard and allowed Chanel to defy time.

Package Design

When it comes to the cosmetics industry, visual merchandising can be the reason why a product soars or flops. Regardless of whether or not we realize it, package design can be one of the most influential things that solidify purchases. The concept of emotional drivers, when it comes to purchasing is so relevant in the cosmetics business that one of the most prestigious fashion colleges in the world, The Fashion Institute of Technology, devoted an entire curriculum to it. In this pioneering program, they believe that the heart of the beauty business is—heart, and the key to that passion is creative and innovative packaging, in addition to great marketing and a great product. In this program, students are introduced to the strategic marketing tactics that define the beauty industry.

What are the emotional drivers of purchasing you ask? It’s the synergy of an item. If the item looks amazing and smells amazing, then the consumer will feel great and exude confidence which leads to ongoing consumerism. It all starts with the packaging!

PPD&G News | OCTOBER 13, 2020