We were lucky enough to be featured in Beauty Independent’s most recent “No Stupid Questions” Column, the following is an excerpt from the feature.

“In this edition of Beauty Independent’s ongoing series posing questions relevant to indie beauty, we ask 14 packaging, marketing, design and branding experts: What do you think are the three biggest trends in post-pandemic beauty packaging?”

Jonathan RovnerJonathan Rovner

President, PPD&G
“…Within the marketing industry, the COVID-19 pandemic ushered in a new era of influencer packaging. With people mandated to work from home, “virtual” lifestyles have become the social and professional norm. In order to maintain a presence among consumers, brands around the globe are tasked with maneuvering their marketing techniques. The use of unique packaging has become the foremost practice to ensure brand survival in our new post-COVID environment.

Emerging from the height of the pandemic, we have experienced an immense surge in the marketing budgets of our current clients. Many have come to realize that they are now required to present engaging packaging that sparks social media interest.

There is a rising trend among clients serving industries that focus on personal appearances, such as cosmetics, skincare and cosmetic surgery. Once a scarce commodity, time itself became an abundant resource while the main form of human interaction has pivoted into Zoom calls and video conferences. This is resulting in people becoming more aware of their appearance and is now more inclined than ever to “fix” it. These circumstances have created a window for brands to market their cosmetic products and services far more competitively than in the past.

As a result of COVID-19, manufacturing that previously took place overseas has remarkably shifted to domestic production. Due to the impact of the virus, countries that were often used for outsourcing packaging production are no longer viable options due to a lack of resources and staff in conjunction with unprecedented shipping costs and delays. These conditions are exacerbated by increased duties/tariffs imposed under the Trump Administration, leaving companies more inclined to keep their manufacturing on U.S. soil…”

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PPD&G News | JUNE 10, 2021