Gift Capabilities

Our varied production capabilities due to our diverse evolution gives us a huge competitive edge over our competitors both with respect to the operations we can perform in house as well as the expertise across so many product lines. 

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Cut & Sew

With tremendous attention to detail and using the finest quality materials we ensure the best for a custom cut and sew project.


Our experienced designers are backed by our expertise in fabrication, allowing us to flawlessly bring your design vision to life.

Laser Engraving

Process of using lasers to etch a design or graphic onto various materials including, but not limited to, metal, wood, acrylic, and glass.

Injection Molding

Process used to produce parts by injecting materials, commonly plastics, into a mold to form completely custom shapes and objects.


Producing within our own facilities remains our #1 option, but if required, we have established relationships in China, giving us the option to produce within our facilities or outsource to China with a high degree of control and oversight.