Packaging Capabilities

Our varied production capabilities due to our diverse evolution gives us a huge competitive edge over our competitors both with respect to the operations we can perform in house as well as the expertise across so many product lines. 

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Die Cutting

A process that requires a machine and a metal shaped object with a raised area for cutting, called a die, to mass produce cut items uniformly.


Attaching a photograph or graphic to a backing board to protect it from bending or wrinkling.


Bonding layers of material together to enhance durability, appearance, and/or other properties.

Digital Cutting

Precision cutting without the use of a die, that utilizes software in combination with lasers, bits, and small blades to cut through materials.


The process of receiving goods or orders, then processing and delivering orders to customers. To us this can mean a plethora of things, including services like sorting, labelling, collating, shrink wrapping, and more.

Custom Foam Cutting

We source high quality foam, and utilize various cutting methods to ensure a perfect fit for your packaging.

Vacuum / Thermoforming

A process that uses heating and vacuuming to form plastic into custom shaped materials, we typically utilize in making trays that protect products within packaging.