If your job requires face-to-face meetings with prospective clients or partners, you have received at least one business card in your life. In fact, on any given day millions of business cards are exchanged with some people receiving a few dozen business cards in a single day. If you are one of the millions of professionals handing out these essential communication tools, the first goal is to be memorable.  Today’s business cards have come a long way in their 400 year history, with digital printing and processing elevating the humble printed card to a highly branded introduction of you and your company. For those who truly want to stand out and be remembered, the next generation of business card is here.


Video Business Cards  offer an impactful way to introduce yourself and your company while presenting content beyond the business card norm. Instead of sending a prospective client to your website or YouTube channel to see a corporate video, you can now place the video in the palm of their hands for their immediate engagement. This is a powerful way to make your first impression a memorable one, helping you to stand out among the competition.

Video business cards are part of the evolution of small format technology that is at the heart of the mobile movement. Using LCD video screens combined with micro storage and simple controls, businesses have the ability to deliver vibrant content when first meeting with a prospective client.  Additionally, as the LCD video screens come in a variety of sizes, you can opt to have a larger video product brochure when a larger viewable space will benefit the content being presented.

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One of the most exciting and powerful features of these video business cards and brochures is their ease of use.  Content can quickly be updated using a simple USB cable and a PC.  When connected to the PC the device appears as a USB storage device.  The person updating the device can change the content with two quick drag-and-drop steps.  This allows the user to modify the content to match the opportunity where the card/brochure is to be presented.  For example, real estate agents presenting multiple listings can create custom videos based on who they are meeting to create interest for specific properties. Another exciting and cost effective feature is an internal rechargeable battery that allows long term use without the need to purchase and install batteries.

Unlike the business cards detailed in a recent article on Slate, embedded with near field communication chips, access to the internet and the use of a smartphone are not required to operate these cards.  Self-contained, these LCD video business cards and brochures can be used anywhere, regardless of internet connectivity.  Since the cases the LCD video unit is presented in can be printed with the standard business card information, the video content you choose to present can be focused solely on messaging.

PPD&G can create an amazing Video Business Card or Video Brochure that will start the conversations you want to have with prospective clients. Call us today and speak with Matthew Menies to learn more about video business cards and all of our other services.

PPD&G News | November 2, 2015